Playing Quests

Gitcoin Quests is a fun gamified way to learn about the web3 ecosystem, compete with your friends, earn rewards, and level up your decentralization-fu! Quests are engaging onboarding experiences designed to guide users through to their "web3 a-ha moments".

Each Quest covers one topic from the Web 3 space. After the successful completion of a Quest, you will be awarded a Kudos and given points that increase your level. Compete with your friends, earn points, and level up your reputation! Gitcoin Quests is still in ALPHA and continually evolving.

Quests Explorer - a web tool that provides Quest browsing, search, and filtering. For each Quest, you can easily see the quest boss, prize, and title. Also, tags, attempt count, win percentage, creator, summary, and estimated playtime are displayed below.

Play Next Quest - We'll automagically choose your next Quest for you.

Leaderboard - Compete with other Gitcoin users to reach the top of the Quests Leaderboard. The top 3 winners at the end of each round win 60 DAI and a very special Kudos. Points are updated every 4 hours.

Quest Tags, Filters, and Search

Difficulties - Beginner, Intermediate, Hard, Expert.

Filters - Attempted, Beaten, New, Popular.

What are Kudos rewarded for beating Quests anyways?

Kudos are Non-fungible tokens are used for various things. On Gitcoin, Kudos are a fantastic way to show appreciation and build relationships with other users.

  1. Learn more about Kudos.

  2. Learn more about NFTs.

I'm facing a problem with a Quest, what should I do?

Describe the problem on the Quest creator's wall. Please also provide a screenshot of the problem you are experiencing.

Why I'm getting "All free coupon of this Kudos already used," What does that mean?

It means you already own the Kudos reward for this Quest from beating another quest. No worries, there are plenty more Kudos to earn!

Other ways to contribute

  • Provide Feedback - Got feedback?
  • Contribute a Quest Topic - What were your web3 a-ha moments?
  • Roadmap - Our product roadmap is open to all. Vote on what we BUIDL next!
  • Create a Quest - Creating a Quest is very easy on Gitcoin, and you will earn you 3 points! First, select a topic for your Quest. We recommend you choose a topic from growing Web 3 space or concurrent disruptive technologies. Then follow the on-screen instructions of Create New Quest.

This article was last modified: June 6, 2020, 10:24 a.m.