How do I use the Avatar Builder?

Gitcoin is a vibrant community that consists of an endlessly diverse group of individuals.

Group membership is open to ALL people and there is no discrimination, bias, nor favoritism of any kind.

In fact, The individual differences amongst community members is viewed as a core strength at Gitcoin. It is these personal variations that qualify each member to contribute in their own unique way.

Using the Avatar Builder to create a unique identity, is just one of the ways that community members can exercise their individualism and display their personality.

Where Do I Find The Avatar Builder?

The Avatar Builder can be found in your user profile.

In order to access it: navigate to your user profile, and tap the “UPDATE” button on the circular image above your username. Once you do that, the Avatar Builder menu will display.

The Avatar Builder gives you three options to choose from.

  • Avatar Builder - to build your own customized avatar.

  • Preset Avatars - to view a list of randomly generated avatars for your consideration.

  • My Avatars - to review any of your previously created or saved avatars.

If it’s your first time here, select the Avatar Builder option to create your own custom avatar.

How to Build My Own Avatar?

When beginning the process of building your very own avatar, you will find there are a number of ‘Avatar Type’ options of which you can choose from.

They include:

  • Classic

  • Unisex Snow Globe

  • Gitcoin Bot

  • Female Snow Globe

  • Zip Zap Bot

  • Bufficorn

  • Space

  • Metacartel

  • Mage

  • Creature

  • Flat minimalist

  • Spring

  • Landscape

  • Shiny Flat

  • Technology

  • Warrior Orc

  • Protoss

  • Barbarian

  • Cartoon Jedi

  • Flat Robot

  • Wolverine

  • Joker

  • Bendi Bot

  • Green Jedi

  • Minimalist

  • Robocop

  • Green Orc

  • Wookie

  • Terminator Bot

And many others!

Feel free to check them out, until you are ready to make your choice of avatar you wish to build!

Once you select your avatar type, a number of customizations and color selections will appear.

Some categories have more customization options than others so do not be afraid to go back and select a new avatar type if you are not happy with your selection.

Once you have selected all your customizations and colors and you are satisfied with your avatar, tap “SAVE AVATAR”.

And You’re Done!

Your new avatar will be prominently displayed on your profile and will also be saved under the “MY AVATAR” tab within your Avatar Builder.

Suggestion: Keep that custom Avatar On Fleek, by selecting a matching cover image!

Your Green Jedi Avatar will be the talk of the TownSquare in no time!

This article was last modified: March 23, 2020, 5 a.m.