For now, the MetaMask browser extension is only able to display the total number of Kudos you have in your possession; however, with the mobile version of MetaMask you are not only able to see your Kudos but you can view detailed information about them, as well as, send them to someone directly from the application!


You will need to have already setup your MetaMask browser extension account, have already downloaded the MetaMask mobile version, and have already synced your MetaMask browser extension account with your mobile one, before continuing. For information on how to this, please visit: How to Sync with MetaMask Extension.

Get the Kudos Token Contract Address:

Go to the Kudos token tracker information page at Etherscan and copy the address displayed under "Profile Summary" in the "Contract" field, like this:


Add Custom Token to MetaMask:

With the Kudos token contract address copied to the system's clipboard, now open MetaMask and go to Menu->Add Token->Custom Token, and in the "Token Contract Address" text box paste in the previously copied Kudos contract address and press the "Next" button, like this:


Now press on the "Add Tokens" button to continue, like this:


If everything was successful you will be presented with the initial MetaMask window were you will be able to see the total amount of Kudos you have below your ETH amount, like this:


Look for your Kudos on MetaMask App:

If everything was successful, and you have already synced your MetaMask extension account with your mobile one, your Kudos should automatically be displayed in your MetaMask app account, like this:

Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6 Screenshot_7

This article was last modified: March 28, 2020, 1:02 a.m.