Gitcoin Actions

Gitcoin will select the best educational, networking, or monetary (sometimes) or reputational opportunities and put them in front of you on a daily, weekly, monthly, and (sometimes) secret basis! Not only you going to have fun doing these actions but you also learn and will get rewarded with Kudos (and sometimes with something extra).

Take into consideration that Gitcoin Actions have a difficulty which may vary. A monthly action doesn't mean it's going to be harder than the weekly or daily one, these actions are randomly selected.

Example of actions:

  • Daily: How strong is your OpSec? Find out by playing this 'OpSec Challenge' Gitcoin Quest

  • Weekly: Get 35% off on the Gitcoin Store! The Gitcoin Store has the hottest fashions for Open Source Devs... And for a limited time only we are giving 35% off everything in the store with coupon code DAILYACTIONMARCH2020 .

  • Monthly: Open up a Gitcoin Grant. Gitcoin Grants $200k matching distribution starts in mid March! Create a grant and post about it on the Gitcoin newsfeed to show it off to others :)

Since Gitcoin is such a cool platform, you can also create your own actions which may get featured on the site! Isn't that amazing?