What is Town Square?

Town square is a chatroom on gitcoin. Is primarily used to communicate between community members and new members on the gitcoin platform. The primary use of a town square is to share information with a group of other users. The ability to converse with multiple people in the same conversation.

Where to see town square on Gitcoin

Town square can be seen on the gitcoin navigation bar immediately after the home tab. You will need to login into gitcoin to make any comment on town square.

Why is town square so important in Gitcoin ?

  • Town square enable community members to interact with one another instantly and easily.

  • Town square have made communication on the gitcoin platform very easy. Moreover, They have variety in them so that you can choose the kind of chat room you want to get into and thus chat with similar or like minded people.

  • Town square is very helpful when it comes to exchanging information among community members. They also enable you to send emojis, gif files, thus making communication very feasible, informative and enjoyable.

  • Town square have a variety in them and offer you various topics to choose from reaching from relationship, kudos, etc. Town square understand a person’s needs and give them a chance to share their opinions, thoughts and views with other similar like minded people who too will have their own opinions, views and thoughts to share. Thus enabling a person to know more and learn about the topic they are communicating about.

This article was last modified: March 26, 2020, 5:07 p.m.