Our Core Value of Inclusivity

We recognize that each user is a "3-dimensional human, with a different background, skillset, life experience, communication patterns, and biases". It is of this reason that we aim to provide new and better economic opportunities inclusive of all cultures, geographies, and skills around the world. After all, BUIDLing is a global initiative.

Every user, regardless of skills, can take advantage of our tools and products to be more productive and do well with their crafts by :

  • Taking on Gitcoin Quests
    Quests are efficient tool for learning new things about blockchain and other technologies that can be useful to broaden one's knowledge. Knowledge that content creators and writers will benefit greatly.

  • Working on Bounties
    Bounties are not only for developers. There are other tasks related to designs, documentations, publications, and sorting things out that does not require programming skills.

  • Sharing you thoughts or ideas
    Got an idea that might help other users or improve Gitcoin's platform? Submit a PR. This way you are contributing for the good of general users.

  • Unleashing the creative bot in you
    If you are into art, you can try creating new Kudos designs or new user avatar feature.

  • Creating your own bounty
    If you are looking for something to be done that you can't do by yourself, post a bounty for those who can. This way you also help other users earn for their works.

  • Funding or contributing to Grants
    Got some extra funds and willing to shill some for a good cause? Check out the grants section and see campaigns that interests you. Your contribution will be matched by Gitcoin through the CLR Round.

  • Learning from Hackathons
    There are hackathons available that offers tutorials for skills needed to finish a task. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the materials provided and work with like-minded people.

  • Engaging with the community
    Start meaningful conversation with other users and see how Mini CLR works.

  • Providing opportunities for others
    Invite to the circle people you know who can also benefit from the Gticoin's products. This way, the ripple of change Gitcoin started continues and reaches more shores.

These are just some of the ways non - dev users can benefit or use the platform. And as you continue your exploration with us, you'll find more ways Gitcoin can impact every user.