New to gitcoin,what do I need to know about virtual hackathons?

Hackathons are contests in which software developers,graphic designers,interface designers,project managers,domain experts and the likes collaborate intensively on software projects.

The goal of a hackathon is to create solutions to problems through a collaborative medium.

A virtual hackathon on gitcoin contains challenges which are posted as bounties already funded by sponsors, and as a contributor you and your team members can participate to create projects that create, grow and share value in different new ways.

Benefits of Hackathons to Sponsors.

  • Hackathons attracts a wide pull of top-tier designers and developers working to create solutions to problems of the sponsors.

  • Hackathons creates exposure to the brand of the sponsors.

Benefits of Hackathons to Contributors.

  • Hackathons encourage diversity resulting in contrasting perspectives and skills, this will aid faster results to problems.

  • Hackathons creates stronger bonds among team members.

  • Hackathons are avenues for hackers to share tips and tricks during collaboration in solving issues.

  • Hackathons create an avenue for designers and developers to learn new skills and showcase their existing skills.

  • The prizes to win at the end of every hackathon motivates different teams to make the best projects.

Interested in participating? How to use hackathons.

  1. Go to products on the gitcoin navigation bar.
  2. Select hackathons, this will display the current,upcoming and finished hackathons.
  3. Click on prizes of any hackathons you want to participate in, this will display details of each task.
  4. Join the discord group here https://chat.gitcoin.co/hackathons to organize a team and get updates.
  5. Start working on a project via gitcoin but have a team member who will navigate each prize page you plan to compete for and click the “start work” button.
  6. Create a project with your teammates to showcase team efforts and skills.
  7. Submission of projects worked on via gitcoin by clicking the “submit work” button on the prize page.

Fun facts about Gitcoin virtual hackathons.

  • Since the launch of gitcoin in Nov.2017, there have been 17 hackathons worth $234,838.

  • Gitcoin offers virtual hackathons about once a month and hackers earn prizes by working with some of the best projects in the decentralized space.

This article was last modified: March 26, 2020, 7:02 p.m.