Gitcoin Town Square

The Town Square is a place where you can interact with the Community - developers, hackers, the Gitcoin Team, as well as the sponsors. This is an area you get to see an overview of platform's functions and features.

Town Square Features

Listed below are things users can use and do within the Town Square area:

  • Activity Feed. This is where you will find the things users are up to - the bounties they are working on, hackathons they are contributing to, and learning they share to the community. Here you get to explore topics that might be of interest to you.

  • Search Box. Looking for something specific? Use this tool to unlock more features.

  • Feeds. This section gives users the ability to filter the type of feed / posts they want to see. Current categories are :

    1. My Threads - The threads you've liked, commented on, or sent a tip upon on Gitcoin since you last checked.
    2. Relationships - Activity from the users who you've done business with Gitcoin.
    3. Everywhere - The activity feed items everywhere in the Gitcoin Network.
    4. Kudos - The Kudos that have been sent by Gitcoin community members, to show appreciation for one another.
  • Hackathons. Features Town Square links to ongoing hackathon events.

  • Filter. These are the hashtags we use for our posts for easy categorization of feed. You can utilize this to reach out target audience for your post. Click on the hashtag and you'll see all the posts under it. These tags are :

    • #announce - use this this tag for anything you want the community to know - sharing knowledge, important information, even your achievements!
    • #mentor - use this tag for posts related to training and tutorials.
    • #jobs - job hunting / offering related posts.
    • #help - need some help with bugs or anything? Ask away with this tag.
    • #meme - you know what this one's for 😉.
    • #music - got some cool playlist that helps you in your tasks completions? Share it with this tag.
    • #other - use this for posts that simply doesn't fall in either of the above tags.
  • Tribes. Shows the organizations you follow or member of.

  • Referral Link. Know some people that can benefit and contribute to Gitcoin? Invite them thru your ref link.

  • Actions. Gitcoin's offering of learning routine. Educational links will be provided on daily, weekly, monthly basis, and sometimes a secret one with monetary rewards. Users can also create custom actions subject for approval by Gitcoin Team.

  • Mini CLR Distribution Board. This pane shows top 10 members who are most helpful to community members and their corresponding rewards earned.

  • How to earn in round x of mini CLR. This show actions that can help users earn points thru tips for the current CLR round and get rewards.

Important Reminder: Gitcoin is more than just a social media. This is a community and it is expected for every user to be responsible and mindful with what materials to be posted.

Additional Resources

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