Gitcoin is a mission driven project whose primary goal is to grow the open source community. This is achieved by allowing for better incentivized collaboration in the realm of open source software, built on Web3 technology. Open source developers to get paid for their work contributing to open source projects and in return, the open source projects get exposure to a vast community of hard working developers they might not have had otherwise. Employers can find potential future employees and funders can help contribute to the sustainability of OSS.

How does Gitcoin do it?

Gitcoin offers a range of products, ranging from Bounties, Hackathons and Grants to Codefund, Quests and Kudos. Check out the linked wiki pages to learn more about Gitcoin products or visit this article if you are just browsing and are interested in getting started with Gitcoin.

This article was last modified: April 28, 2021, 9:30 p.m.