What is CLR?

CLR stands for Capital-constrained Liberal Radicalism (‘CLR’). This a mechanism that Vitalik Buterin, Zoe Hitzig, and E. Glen Weyl proposed in their Paper which aims to provide an efficient means of support for Public Goods. With this idea, the community provides resources to deploy Public Goods through contribution. The amount received by Public Goods will then be compensated / matched by a government, grants program, or private philanthropist in proportion to the square of the sum of the square roots of contributions received.

Take this sample: You donate to an Organization that helps other people. The amount of your donation will be topped off by the Organization itself using the formula (proportional to the square of the sum of the square roots of contributions received) making your donation provide for and reach more people in the process.

Here in Gitcoin, this mechanism is used for contributions received with Grants (CLR round) as well as individual contributions to the platform in the form of Mini CLR.

Gitcoin Mini CLR

Gitcoin deployed this program to recognize and reward individuals who made notable contribution to the platform and its users. Contributions in the form of being helpful or sharing ideas for improvements of projects or other processes.

How does Mini CLR works?

Mini CLR is done by rounds. Each round differs in terms of duration - how long the round will run; and the amount for distribution - think of this as the pot money.

Users can tip(discretionary) other users whenever they feel someone made a valuable contribution or helped resolved a problem. This tips are then matched by Gitcoin. So at the end of each round, all tips received and the number people who sent the tips are taken into account for computation of the rewards.

What's the formula for rewards computation?

The formula is simple : The more number of people sending tips to a user, the more total share of distribution amount will be allocated regardless on how big the total amount of tips received. Gitcoin matches contribution most to users who receive micro-tips from many different people.

User A - Received $10 total in tips from 3 people.
User B - Received $4 total in tips from 10 people.
User B will receive more share from the pot money.

How do you earn for each round?

There are a number of ways for anyone to be included in the distribution :

Be helpful.
- If someone posts asking for help, help them.

- If someone has been helpful to you, send them a micro -tip. The CLR algorithm will match 0.001 ETH tip with up to 0.1 ETH in matching funds.

Follow instructions found in "How to earn in round #" section.
- These are sets of actions / tasks given that can make users earn micro-tips. These actions are non standard as they can change in each round.


  • Can new users join the round?
    Yes. As long as the algorithm criteria is met, anyone can join.
  • Can a user qualify for everyone round?
    Yes. Users can be in the distribution list for x number of times.
  • Only top 10 will receive distribution rewards / shares?
    No. Users who got minimum of $1 in matching amount will receive their share.
  • What's matching amount?
    This refers to the total share a user is expected to receive.
  • The matching amount keeps on changing. Why?
    Yes, the matching amounts will change as long as other users keeps receiving tips from other people. Whatever the last matching amount is during the end of countdown, that will be the amount a user will receive.
  • Can I tip myself?
  • Will I receive my reward in USD?
    No. The matching rewards are/is based on ETH. However, due to recent price volatility , payouts are thru DAI as it is more stable in price.

This article was last modified: March 18, 2020, 6:17 p.m.