Grow Open Source
Gitcoin is the easiest way to monetize or incentivize work in Open Source Software.

What is Gitcoin?

  1. 1. It's *not* a token.
    There is *no* native token on the Gitcoin community. We're focused on honing our product/market fit.
  2. 2. It's a community.
    The Gitcoin toolset & community allows you to (1) build skills (2) find (or give) economic opportunities and hopefully (3) make some lifelong friendships.
  3. 3. It's a mission.
    Our mission is to "Grow Open Source". Read more

But How Does it Work?

  1. 1. Find Funded Github Issues.
    Whether it's Bugs, Features, or Security Issues, Gitcoin's Issue Explorer is the easiest way to find paid work in open source.
  2. 2. Claim an Issue.
    Claim the issue on Gitcoin via the Funded Issue Detail Page (Example).
  3. 3. Build Something Great.
    Coordinate with the Bounty Submitter on Github. Build something great!
  4. 4. Submit Your Work & Get Paid.
    Payments are Ethereum-based, & released automatically after code is accepted by the bounty submitter.

What's the TLDR?

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Why use Gitcoin?

Find New & Interesting Work
Work only on repositories that strike a chord with _you_. Gitcoin allows you to try before you go full time.
Deepen Relationships
Gitcoin is a way to meet and connect with open source developers.
Learn New Skills
Gitcoin is the easiest way to find paid work in open source.
Make Some Extra Cash
You got into open source for the love of solving problems. Get paid for working on your passion.
Be the first to know about new funded issues.

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Project Roadmap

  • 2016-2017: Experimentation

    Founder Kevin Owocki experiments with Ethereum mining, building a handful of Open Source projects in the space, investing, and community organizing.

  • Q2 2017: Ideation

    With the mentorship of Open Source Developers from the Boulder CO tech community, the idea of a decentralized network designed to Grow Open Source is conceived. What if recruitment for software projects could be completely decentralized and automated? What if developers could try projects before they commit? What if repo maintainers had a way to bring new developers onto their projects?

  • Q3 2017: Build & Design

    Customer Development commences. The founder codes. The design team designs. Animator animates.

  • Q4 2017: Launch

    The Issues Explorer goes live. The code behind the project is released open source. For the first time, coders can monetize their open-source work without a centralized middleman, and an incentive is provided to the open-source community to Grow Open Source, together.

  • Next: Gitcoin joins Consensys, launches Pilot Projects

    Funded issues for EtherDelta, Consensys Security, Truffle, Metamask, and web3py are live at

    With tens of thousands of dollars of Funded Issues processed through the system, Gitcoin becomes a place for OSS developers to get involved in the web3 ecosystem.

    The system is dogfooded; Gitcoin is used to build Gitcoin.

  • After that: Growth

    The community, both on the slack channel and the community mailing list continue to grow.

    The market for software jobs is massive, and Open Source software creates billions of dollars in economic value per year.

    What will the world look like if decentralized ledger technology begins to disrupt the existing value systems in software?

  • Shipping New Tools Every Month

    Bounties are just the first tool we're launching. We've got a bunch of new tools in the pipeline, including:

    • Dev Grants
    • Code Funding
    • Mentorship Matching

    Want to learn about them? Click here.