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Earn money while building open source decentralized applications, learning new technologies, and meeting like-minded developers.

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Build exciting projects and upskill on development while earning ETH and other tokens. Find mentorship by connecting with talented developers and leaders of Ethereum’s top companies.

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Discover great open source projects working hard to impact the ecosystem. Get involved by funding, supporting, or mentoring projects to help push the Ethereum ecosystem forward.

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Twitter Wall of Love

I'm genuinely amazed by the projects in the @ArweaveTeam @gitcoin incubator, these are incredible. Wow.
Gitcoin Grants might be the most underrated experiment in Web3.
Gitcoin grants quadratic funding is not just for funds allocation, it's also a great signaling tool!

For the last few rounds, going to https://gitcoin.co/grants/ (sort by top match) has led me to discover a lot of really cool Ethereum projects I previously did not know about.
One of the best way to start out in DeFi is working on a @gitcoin bounty. Grab one of the many 4-digit prizes offered during the NYBW virtual hackathon
Congrats to the entire @gitcoin team on an amazing round 4 of CLR matching!

$144,810 given directly to open source initiatives that will benefit #Ethereum and grow our ecosystem.

Let's make round 5 even better 🚀

Oh and thanks to all the haters for the free marketing 😘
Sooo happy with @gitcoin results! Submitted an issue last night and by the morning I had a PR with exactly what I wanted!


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