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The weight of maintaining open source
falls on the shoulders of 0.01% of developers.

This is not sustainable. This is not right.

This is why we built Gitcoin.

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Tools to optimize the oss life cycle for users, contributors, and maintainers

Gitcoin grows open source through a suite of products, capturing and retaining contributor value through an on-demand bounty marketplace and recurring funding, and sustains open source projects through ethical advertising. Our suite of products meet open source contributors where they are, from the start of a project, to later lifecycles of project maintenance and appreciation.

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Open Source Sustainability. What is broken?

Open Source Sustainability. What is broken?
optimize_oss lifecyle with gitcoin

Our products help create a world where the
OSS lifecycle looks like this.

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Grow OSS


Get paid for solving open source bounties.

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Maintain OSS


Ethical advertising for open source.

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Sustainable funding for open source.

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Build Relationships


A new way to show appreciation.

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Realign open source incentives

Open source contributors provide value that is often not rewarded or captured. Open source maintainers burn out and stop working on their OSS projects because they lose or can’t find funding, are under pressure to retain developer talent, or simply don’t have the resources or time to fully devote themselves.

We're proudly built on Ethereum, an open source blockchain which allows us to make payments across the world in an open fashion.
Gitcoin is the one stop shop solution for making OSS contributions self-sustaining.

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How do you define Sustainability?

How do you define Sustainability?


World with Open Source Sustainability

World with Open Source Sustainability

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