BuiDL Money Legos with Aave: New York Blockchain Week

Heyo Gitcoiners! With an entire city of hackers, coders and blockchain innovators relocated on our platform, the atmosphere is just buzzing with creative energy. A lot of this energy is being channels towards Aave – the hottest new DeFi project on the block(chain).

Check out Aave’s blog post and play the Aave Gitcoin Quest to learn more and get started.

Aave is rocking the scene with 7,750 aDAI cash prizes for money-hacking bounties – Balancer Oracle, Bancor, Uniswap, Pool Together, and even a very special Gitcoin challenge are up for coding grabs!

If you’re feeling the DeFi hype too, 👉 Aave’s new challenges are for you.

You may have noticed we just said it’s their “new challenges”. That’s because Aave has been supporting our OSS community since November 2019, when they challenged Gitcoiners to buidl Wild West DeFi solutions (on a brand new protocol, only available on Kovan at the time) during the Web3 World hackathon.

A whooping 18! bounties were sponsored and hacked in that epic 2-weeks event, making Aave of the most loved projects of the hackathon. With 3 monitoring dApps, 3 aTokens solutions (new features to the rDAI project), 2 Lighting Flashloan () bots, 2 Rebalancing Rate Platform scripts, several data dashboards and analytics generated during the event, Aave secured several innovative developments for their protocol and a strong tribe of developers. Their excitement and impressions of the Web3 World hackathon are best heard right from their team.

Fast forward to today, Aave’s protocol is live on Ethereum Mainnet and they grew to be a 55M$ protocol, the 2nd biggest money market in DeFi and 4th largest actor in the DeFi ecosystem. Talk about growing blockchain together!

Aave is a decentralized non-custodial money market protocol where users can participate as depositors or borrowers. They build with composability in mind, meaning a landscape where DeFi protocols interact with each other and you have the ability to stack yields on top of yields – something they call “Money Legos”.

Money Legos is the basis of their New York Blockchain Week bounties season, namely breakthrough ideas on how to deploy composability solutions for a series of other protocols. 

Aave’s Leverage Challenge is a chance for you to access their mini-grants program and kickstart your own Aave-based dApp or service. Given the creativity of the Gitcoin community, we’ll probably see multiple exciting ideas so there’s a prize pool of 3,500 aDAI to fund the best projects. So gather your team, read up on Aave’s developer documentation and aim for the stars!

And that’s not all! Aave’s team has also generously put forward a hefty reward of 1250 aDAI for their special Gitcoin Challenge. Remember Gitcoin’s CLR matching rounds?

Aave is looking for hackers with ideas that leverage on Aave and aTokens, to improve the Gitcoin Grants system and the no-loss donation network. From dashboards to project curating solutions, the possibilities are endless – join the hunt here

Want to know more about Aave’s hackathon, engage with their team or find sidekicks to buidl your projects with? Be sure to join their Tribe and get talking in the New York Blockchain Week hackathon Townsquare!

The sky’s the limit, hackanauts!

P.S. Never attended a hackathon before? Check out this easy-peasy guide on how to join the action and compete for bounties.