Gitcoin Now Easily Integrates w. Github – Chrome Extension Enters Beta

When we launched Gitcoin in September 2017, we knew that there were a few design considerations that were very important to realize our mission to Push Open Source Forward.

  1. We wanted to launch Gitcoin with some of the best repos in web3. So we launched funded work for Metamask, Truffle, EtherDelta, and MyEtherWallet. ✅
  2. We wanted the work available to be well-scoped, on-roadmap, and fairly priced. So we worked with our Pilot Projects to curate a small handful of test issues that we could do so. ✅
  3. We wanted the workflows of our users to seamlessly integrate into the tools they already use.

I am proud today, to say that today we are announcing a major step towards integrating Gitcoin into Github, with the beta launch of the Gitcoin chrome extension.

Hat tip to jclancy93 for pushing this functionality forward, and for earning a bounty for doing so. This Gitcoin feature was built using Gitcoin! Dogfood! Yum!

This Gitcoin feature was built using Gitcoin! Dogfood! Yum!

Get It Today

If you’d like to try it today, you can get it on the Chrome Store here.

Using the Gitcoin Chrome Extension, you can …

Browse Funded Work Directly on Github

Filter Funded Work by your interests, on Github

Fund Work Directly on Github

Tip Users Directly on Github

Get It Today

If you’d like to try it today, you can get it on the Chrome Store here.

This is an beta release, so we are happy to collect feedback from our community. Please feel free to post any feedback on the Github Repo, or on the Gitcoin Slack.

Today marks one small step forward in our efforts to Push Open Source Forward and I sincerely hope you enjoy the product.

PS — Want to get paid to work on the Gitcoin Browser Extensions? There are open funded issues to port to Firefox, to port to Braveand more.

Kevin Owocki
Founder, Gitcoin

Kevin Owocki

To learn more about Gitcoin, click below. We welcome you on our journey to grow open source and change the way we work.