Gitcoin Quests is now LIVE

I am thrilled today to announce the launch of Gitcoin Quests.

Gitcoin Quests is a fun, gamified way to learn about the web3 ecosystem, compete with your friends, earn rewards, and level up your decentralization-fu!

Think Coinbase Earn, by and for the Ethereum community.

We’re launching today with a dozen different Quests:

Each quest is a short battle with an enemy. When you accept a quest, you will be quizzed, by your enemy, on your knowledge of a specific topic (the Bitcoin’s whitepaper, for example).

If you win you will receive a Kudos.

We built this experience to help Web 2 users learn about the Web 3 ecosystem + build up their reputation on Gitcoin.

That’s not all!

  1. We’re gamifying the Quest Experience. Whomever is in the top 3 of the leaderboard at end of the month will win a KeepKey hardware wallet.
  2. Would you like to create your own Quest? Fill out this form here
  3. Quests is still in ALPHA and is evolving. Got feedback? Click here

Want to give it a try? Explore Quests on Gitcoin today


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