Hashing & Cashing: Global Communities

Hey Gitcoiners, big news! Our final virtual hackathon of the year, Global Communities, has just kicked off. In 2019 we went all-in on our hackathon platform running 6 successful events since April, only made possible by you, the Gitcoin & blockchain community. Our previous hackathon, Web3 World, was one of the best yet with submissions on 100% of bounties, so we’re excited to send off 2019 with a bang.

To celebrate the hard work Gitcoin developers have put in this year, Global Communities will feature a “Community Choice” prize, where Gitcoin users who sign up for the hackathon will get to vote on a winner. Additionally, we’ve partnered with the BUIDL Network to host in-person meetups all around the globe for education, project ideation, and team formation. Check out this list to see if there is an event local to you. 

If you haven’t already, check out the awesome prizes and come hang out on Discord

Hashing Systems

Now to dive into what we’re all most excited about: the companies and prizes. The lead partner for Global Communities is Hashing Systems, a decentralized development studio building on Hedera Hashgraph.

Hashing Systems is an organization that seeks to provide the developer community access to Hedera Hashgraph by building the infrastructure needed for developers to easily create on Hedera, infrastructure that automates much of the development stages specific to Hedera. This allows blockchain developers to essentially “copy and paste” the projects they are already pursuing on their networks onto Hedera.

Hedera is an EVM-compliant decentralized network, created in partnership with IBM’s Hyperledger along with several other Fortune 500 companies like Boeing, Deutsche Telekom, and Tata Communications. It is much faster than previously decentralized ledgers, tested at over 10,000 transactions per second. It also boasts services not seen on other networks like the consensus service, and file storage.

Through this hackathon, Hashing Systems will be introducing the greater developer community to Hedera Hashgraph. The projects on the hackathon will have a wide range of difficulties and awards. The goal is to empower developers to focus on the innovative components of their projects and not on core infrastructure. This journey began with Hash Name Service, a decentralized domain registry like ENS. Composer, a web extension currently on Chrome and Brave, allows users to create Hedera accounts through Google login as well as send most types of transactions to Hedera. Console, a development environment to deploy and manage smart contracts directly from the web browser, will soon be released. You can use Console just like you would Remix and Studio for Ethereum. Make sure you’ve updated your Composer to version 1.2 or later.

Here are some guides to get you started:

Challenges & How to Participate

You can register for the Global Communities hackathon here. To get started: sign up, join the Discord, browse the prize explorer, start work, and (optionally) find a team.

Once you reach the prize explorer, take a look at the seven Hashing Systems bounties. Prize amounts are listed in USD, but they will be paid out in HBAR, the native cryptocurrency of the Hedera public network.

If you have any questions, reach out to Hashing Systems or Gitcoin in Discord. Good luck!


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