In the Lab with ConsenSys: Global Communities

As we enter the final stretch of the Global Communities virtual hackathon (5 days left!), there are still plenty of opportunities to start work on a new bounty or submit your project for multiple prizes. It’s never too late to check out the prize explorer and come chat on Discord, so don’t hesitate to dive in. Even if you’re already registered, make sure there are no prizes you may have missed! 

ConsenSys Labs

ConsenSys Labs has been one of Gitcoin’s most faithful partners, with Global Communities being the 4th hackathon they’ve participated in this year. Labs is the venture arm of Consensys, investing in exceptional teams across three tiers: 

  • Investments: Seed-stage investment fund which invests in decentralized protocols, infrastructure, and applications, leveraging Consensys’ experience as one of the earliest investors in and developers of Ethereum-based projects and dev tooling.
  • Tachyon: Accelerator for early-stage blockchain and Web 3.0 startups.
  • Relays: Distributed hackathons for makers, builders, entrepreneurs and the crypto-curious to rapidly iterate towards proof-of-concept businesses.

Founders engage with Labs at the tier that best fits their stage of growth and development as entrepreneurs. Relays are for founders beginning to experiment with the development of a product, with the main focus on hackathon projects.

For Global Communities, Labs has plenty of prizes still up for grabs: roughly $7k in ETH and DAI for a handful of bounties both big and small that cater to different skill sets. Winners will also have the opportunity to apply for more funding through future grants.

Challenges & How to Participate

You can register for the Global Communities hackathon here. To get started: sign up, join the Discord, browse the prize explorer, start work, and (optionally) find a team.

Once you reach the prize explorer, take a look at the ConsenSys Labs bounties:

7 ETH – UX Best-In-Show – ConsenSys Labs has always stressed keeping the end-user front and center when building products. To continue to demonstrate our commitment to this design principle as well as celebrate the best UX Web3 has to offer, Labs is thrilled to announce the Best in Show prize. All projects from the hackathon are eligible to submit for the Best-in-Show Prize, even if they were not built for a ConsenSys bounty!

20 ETH – Build And Validate Your Open Finance Company – Blockchain technology is uniquely positioned to create a more open, more equitable, and more effective banking and financial infrastructure as people, goods, and currency move throughout the world. We are looking for entrepreneurs and builders to design these new protocols and financial instruments for global financial activity. We leave it to you to design the new conditions for global financial activity and offer these examples in the bounty description as a place to get started.

20 ETH – Infrastructure & Dev Tooling Products – What infrastructure and dev-tooling needs to be in place to build the next generation of dApps? What protocols are missing for the rise of the DAOs? What connective tissue needs to be in place for the next wave of DeFi? That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves over the last 6 months, and in turn, we’re looking to you to answer it.

These entries must be applied to specific, growing verticals within the Ethereum/Web3 space. We’re not looking for generic protocol roll-ups; winning submissions will come with a niche customer and use-case in mind. We’re asking teams to build vertical-specific dev-tooling and infrastructure plays, with an eye on verticals such as:

  • DeFi
  • DAOs
  • Contract Diligence
  • Gaming
  • No-Code dApps

15 DAI Per Entry – UX + Open Finance Experimentation – This is about celebrating experimentation. These should be out-of-the-box creative experiments that solve some of the stickiest, clunkiest problems within Open Finance. Problems like:

  • Splitting payouts across multiple ETH addresses
  • Handling multiple, asynchronous transactions
  • Event-handling for failed transactions
  • Unclear token swapping patterns
  • Failed transaction patterns

This is a choose your own adventure prompt: Whatever interactions that explain not just the immediate actions being taken, but the why, and how. We’re looking for creative explorations of what’s possible building on Ethereum. Motion prototypes, codepens, wireframes, etc. We’re not asking for production-ready code, or super-polished designs (although those couldn’t hurt). Get creative, have fun, and explore what’s possible with Open Finance. Submissions for this one can be projects from other bounties, and there will be up to 10 winners!

If you have any questions, reach out to Zach Herring from Labs or the Gitcoin team in Discord. Good luck!


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