The grassroots effort to fund Ethereum’s OSS projects

On February 23rd at 5:36PM, EthHub creator Eric Conner sent a tweet. Less than 3 weeks later, $14K had been brought together for Ethereum commons.

Thus began the Gitcoin Torch, defined here on EthHub: “The Gitcoin Torch is a community effort to spur funding of Ethereum projects using the Gitcoin Grants platform.”

Less than two weeks later, $14,000 has been committed by 6 donors (some anonymous, some publicly)! It’s been amazing watching it play out over Twitter as the matching contributions come in steadily.

Best read left to right; tweets by Eric Conner

How To Contribute To The Gitcoin Torch

The Gitcoin Torch works simply: If you would like to contribute to the next round of Gitcoin’s CLR Matching (results of Round 1 here), make a donation via Eric Conner or via the QR code here.

Each donation will be publicly displayed and will contribute towards a future round of CLR matching, a mechanism we describe in further detail here.

You can make a contribution today!

Here is the address if you prefer to QR codes: 0x620a3981f796346dF02be83FD929758a88078e3C.

Gitcoin Torch Kudos

Anyone who pledges $1,000 or more will get this limited edition Gitcoin Torch Kudos! Check it out here.

A Grateful Gitcoin Team

The Gitcoin team is grateful for a community that gathers together towards the support of our open source commons. We’re continuing to work towards solutions which systematically make it easier to fund open source (and thus, create a stronger, more functional internet).

Until then, grassroots efforts like this show the power of a strong, interested, incentivized community. Let’s grow open source, together.

To learn more about Gitcoin, click below. We welcome you on our journey to grow open source while changing the way we work.


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