Web3 World: Around the Aave

Bonjour. Guten tag. Hola. We’re back after our short respite between The Road to Devcon and Web3 World. You know what that means. We’re back with another sponsor highlight. For Web3 World, we have more sponsors, more prizes, and of course, more hacking. In this post, we’ll take a look at one of our premier sponsors for the next chapter of the Gitcoin Hackathon anthology: Aave

First, though, let’s reflect. The Road to Devcon, as usual, was a massive success. With over $36k in prizes, 5 sponsors, and 21 bounties, we received over 51 submissions from hacker teams. For a more comprehensive overview of the hackathon and winners, take a look at this blog post here

Now, let’s jump in to Aave. Aave, “ghost” in Finnish, is a project making waves in the DeFi space with some of the top security researchers and blockchain folk in the biz. Set out to create a transparent and open financial infrastructure, they’ve built a decentralized non-custodial money market protocol. You can leverage perpetual loans, stable rates, tokenization, and flash loans with the help of their protocol. Most recently, they launched on the Kovan testnet. You can check out their work here.

Aave is joining our other top tier sponsors — RSK, AdEx, NuCypher, ETC, and the Ethereum Foundation — and we’re thrilled to see what the Gitcoin community can do with their invitations to expand, improve, and rethink their network. Their bounties orbit around the functions of their underlying network, and search for applications that interact with their aforementioned features. With the first bounty, the Aave is encouraging contributors to leverage Flashloans: “Flashloans will be the base layer of more efficient and optimized financial dapps ecosystems,” they outline in the bounty while surfacing expectations and desired features for all submissions. Applicants to this bounty have a few pilot ideas: “keeper” bots, insurance bots, and decentralized exchange arbitrage.

On bounty two of four, Aave seeks ideas around their stable and variable loan rates. As they describe, “selecting the best rate mode and when to switch depending on market conditions can lead to financial optimization”: participants on this $4500 bounty are invited to build solutions around those criteria.

Numero tres, a bounty inviting hackers to build a token atop “aTokens”, seeks a contributor to leverage the Aave decentralized protocol to provide new features. With inspiration from DAI Universe, you’re invited to build anything. Anything.

Last, but not least (by any means), Aave is inviting the Gitcoin community to build a dApp for Data Lovers. We all love a good dose of data, and Aave is here to help to quench our thirst. Take inspiration from 0xtracker, dai.embassy, and more. $2700 is up for grabs on this fella!

Phew. Aave has over $15,000 of prizes between their four bounties. If I were you, I’d start hacking. Now.

How to participate

You can register for the Web3 World hackathon here. To get started: sign up, join the Discord, browse the prizes, start work, and (optionally) find a team.

Once you enter our channel, take a look at the Aave bounties on the Issue Explorer.

If you have any questions, reach out to Aave or Gitcoin employees in Discord. We are happy to help you pierce into the jungle of Web3 World bounties.

Happy hacking!


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