Web3 World x AdEx: #AnothaOne

Web3 World is halfway done folks. It’s our latest hackathon in our stream of global hackalongs tapping talent across the world. Starting last Monday, hundreds of hackers have since flocked to our Discord and Issue Explorer to attack the bounties our sponsors have posted. 

A returning sponsor posting a fairly large bounty for the hackathon, AdEx, is ready for another slew of high-quality submissions for their spec. Once again, they’re a trust-minimized solution for digital advertising that mitigates ad fraud, improves ad budgets, and protects user privacy. Long story short, they’re sharp, and they understand what it takes to build the future.

AdEx joins us again after participating in Grow Ethereum, with a parade of top tier companies in Web3 World. Alongside RSK, Aave, and NuCypher, they’re providing a tremendous invitation to earn some dough. Their bounty, a security-focused email account recovery feature, is worth $1800 DAI. 

As they outline in the bounty description, the prize will be won by the most elegant solution to providing email login generation:

Since most emails are signed cryptographically through DKIM, and contain enough data to prove who the sender is (from wikipedia: “the From: field must always be signed”), we can use that for recovering Ethereum accounts.

Hackers are invited to build an implementation “where you can sign up with an email/password, without making big security compromises, with an ability to change your password and recover your account.” This would be a game-changing innovation for the user experience.

Interested? Want to help bring crypto to the masses? Get hacking on this bounty now.

How to participate

You can register for the Web3 World hackathon here. To get started, join the Discord, browse the prizes, and start work with a team or solo

Once you enter our channel, take a look at the AdEx bounty on the Issue Explorer.

If you have any questions, reach out to Gitcoin Staff members in Discord. We are happy to help 🙂

Happy hacking!


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