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Hey, you!

Gitcoin is *not* a token.

Gitcoin is a distributed group of individuals focused:

Quite Frankly...

The project hasn't really had time to participate in token related activities. 🕑

In fact, we're quite fatigued by the pervasiveness of tokens. 🗞

Its exhausting to have to pay attention to all of the rumours, the drama, the speculation. 📈 📉 📉 📈 📉

And there are *more worthwhile* uses of a completely-distributed trust-management supercomputer like the Ethereum blockchain. 🙌

So we're choosing to ignore it all (for now) and focusing on building stuff. 🔧🛠

But that could change..

It is possible that one day there will be tokens or other digital assets associated with the project. Possible, but no promises. 🤔

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