Beyond Blockchain Hackathon

We’re extremely excited to announce Beyond Blockchain, a joint production hackathon between Gitcoin and ConsenSys Labs.

Over the last decade the blockchain community has built, funded, and scaled core infrastructure for a new decentralized world. Still, most businesses, communities, and individuals have yet to harness this power in their everyday lives.

Now it’s time to go Beyond Blockchain. Beyond Blockchain is a three-week virtual hackathon from June 24th – July 10th. Developers, entrepreneurs, and builders from around the globe will collaborate to push blockchain applications to new frontiers of business, technology, and social change. Sign up here!

Beyond Blockchain follows the success of our Ethereal Virtual Hackathon. Between April 15th – April 30th, we had over 500 developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from across the world join us to build awesome blockchain-based projects. They competed for over $67,000 in total prizes sponsored by 14 blockchain and enterprise software companies.

Beyond Blockchain will be a more focused event, specifically around a theme of taking blockchain tools and technologies to a broader audience. For this reason, we’ll be taking on sponsors who have ideas for projects which can be built on their protocols which effect the world, broadly. Reach out if you think this is your project!

In this hackathon, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside open source maintainers with a reputation for building the future of blockchain. This includes ConsenSys Labs, who will have prizes in media, healthcare and decentralized finance.

The Hackathon Details

You may be wondering, what’s the difference between this hackathon and the many others out there? Simply put, we think our community of open source developers stands out in a big way. There are 20,000 developers in the Gitcoin ecosystem who have done 4,000 projects. Just last month, 600+ hackers who participated in 80 submissions in just two weeks. If you’re looking for a team to work on projects towards the future of Ethereum, there’s no better time to give it a go.

As mentioned, the Beyond Blockchain Hackathon will run from June 24th – July 10th. In addition to the many posted bounties, hackathon participants will also be competing for over $10,000 in prize bounties, posted across a few domains, including media, gaming, and healthcare.

We look forward to sharing more about these prizes and bounties over the next week.

Sign Up Now

Whether you’ve heard of Gitcoin or not, signing up for the hackathon is a 3 minute process. Fill out this form, create a Gitcoin profile by clicking “Login with Github” in the top right, and you’ll be off to the races. We’ll keep you updated via e-mail as the hackathon approaches! We anticipate $25,000 in prizes, bounties and more when you and your teammates start hacking on June 24th.

Click here to register as a hacker, and see Gitcoin’s website for more details.

We’re excited to grow open source with you, soon. 🌳