Beyond Blockchain: The Players

We’re more than excited to kick off the Beyond Blockchain hackathon this week, spanning for three weeks until July 10th. Over the course of the next 15 days, global developers and entrepreneurs will collaborate to push blockchain applications to new frontiers of business, technology, and social change. Who are the faces behind the hackathon? Who are the folks helping us build great things? As we begin, it’s time to take a look at the companies behind the hackathon.

All of the prizes are listed here!

Consensys Labs

The entire Consensys Labs team is committed to reinventing antiquated industries with the newfound power of the blockchain. With multiple bounties spanning a diverse set of industries, Labs is concerned with not how deep the technology can go, but how far it can go. You can read more about their thinking behind the Beyond Blockchain prompt within their announcement post on Medium here. Their bounties have up to 24 ETH up for grabs.

See ConsenSys Labs prizes.


The Raiden team is focused on providing the panacea for the biggest critique of the Ethereum protocol: transaction speed. Raiden aims to make payments easy by enabling fast and cheap off-chain transfers secured with cryptography rather than trust. This technology is especially empowering for micropayments or streaming, paywall or IoT payments. Raiden provides a comprehensive toolkit for scaling transactions, enabling applications to functionally use micropayments. Dive into the rabbit hole of Raiden and push what’s possible. Prizes range from 2,000 RDN.

See Raiden prizes.


The Arweave team believes that the future of the web should be open source for the benefit of users and developers alike. Trying to make that vision a reality, they’re rewarding developers for building open source dApps. Arweave itself is a global, permanent hard drive. Permaweb apps are built using normal web technologies — HTML, CSS, and Javascript — but are deployed to Arweave’s on-chain storage system, making them permanent and available in a fast, decentralized manner. 


The mission of Portis is to bring the blockchain to everyone, and they are continuing to do so with their involvement in Beyond Blockchain. User experience is the single largest barrier to adoption of blockchain technologies, and they are prompting contributors to the Beyond Blockchain hackathon to work and continue to improve the new user experience. 

See Portis prize here.

The Graph

Querying blockchain data is hard. The Graph is trying to fix that. Building out their decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains, it enables querying data that is difficult to search for directly. The Beyond Blockchain hackathon is prompting builders to envision new ways to apply and use The Graph and its tools.

See The Graph prize here.

Join Us For Beyond Blockchain!

We’ll also have more prizes throughout the week from Alethio and PegaSys, two ConsenSys projects. The entire Gitcoin team is ecstatic to start this three week sprint with the companies listed above.

As always, if you have any questions, drop us a line in our Discord channel. Looking for a team or an idea? Stop by this GitHub issue board. Otherwise, happy hacking! 


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