Sia’s Skynet Hackathon: 30 Days to 50 Apps

Sia recently ran the Skynet Hackathon with Gitcoin for Skynet’s launch, leading to over 40 project submissions in a 2 week period. This piece, written by Sia, covers the result of this hackathon and others. You can also read it on Sia’s blog.

Skynet Hackathon Projects and Winners

Last month we launched Skynet, a decentralized file-sharing and web hosting platform for application developers. Skynet enables high speed, low cost, and superior infrastructure to serve as the storage foundation for a Free Internet.

With a simple API and SDKs for popular programming languages, Skynet empowers developers to easily integrate decentralized storage into their applications. Importantly, end-users can directly access files on Skynet without needing to run full nodes or deal with cryptocurrencies.

“Science & technology progress usually happen incrementally. But once in a while, a jaw-dropping milestone is reached where everybody realizes the result of years of hard work. Today, we will experience one of these milestones for data storage & distribution”

— Hakkane on Skynet release

We launched a series of hackathons to explore the vast potential of Skynet and expose developers to the possibilities that Skynet enables. Hackathons are fertile ground for innovation and creativity and we are extremely excited to share the range of applications we have seen built using Skynet in less than a month!

Skynet AppStore: Explore all Skynet applications and content

Internal Hackathon

After the release of Skynet, we were so excited that we held an internal hackathon to start building on this amazing platform. Our team created a range of Skynet projects over two days – Skydo a todo list app, Skynet playlist to create video playlists, SkySync to monitor and sync your folder to Skynet.

list of these projects is available on decentralized Pastebin named Skybin (another hackathon project 😃)!

Skybin — Decentralized Pastebin

MIT Hackathon

The MIT Bitcoin Expo ran a hackathon focused on building the stack and expanding blockchain technology’s usefulness. The 24-hour hackathon brought together students and professionals for a weekend of coding, learning, experimenting, and collaborating.

🎊 MIT Grand Prize and Sia Track Winners 🎊


SkyPages created by a group of MIT students won the overall hackathon as the best project across all submissions and the Sia track prize. Skypages enables you to host your website in a secure and decentralized manner. We were thrilled to see the enthusiasm shared by these students for Skynet and are impressed by what they built in a day.

Presentation and Demo

SkyPages — MIT Hackathon Winners

Virtual Hackathon

We partnered with Gitcoin to host a two-week virtual hackathon and we are amazed by the number of high-quality submissions. The development and passion we have seen throughout the hackathon were awe-inspiring and speaks volumes about the use cases Skynet enables. With more than 180 registrants and 40+ projects submitted, we honestly had a very difficult time picking only 3 runner-ups.

“I’ve seen so many wonderful projects here. It was so much fun as well as learning by participating in this Hackathon”

– Gitcoin Hacker

The entire list of qualified projects can be found here or on the project page on Gitcoin.

🥳 Grand Prize 🥳


Before DaWe built Skylive, we were not even sure that live-streaming was possible on Skynet. DaWe was able to overcome all odds and build a very impressive app, including performing a live demo for a big portion of the community. We are very excited about the future possibilities of Skylive. Congratulations to DaWe for winning 1 million SC.

Demo Video

SkyLive — Live HLS video streams hosted on Skynet

🎉 Runner-ups 🎉

Skynet iOS App

An iOS app built by tetek allows you to upload media directly from your iPhone to Skynet. This app is already available in the Apple app store and allows everyday users to easily share their photos and videos with the rest of the world. This app does not require running a Sia node, it works immediately upon installing!

Demo Video

iOS FileSharing App on Skynet


InstaSkynet made by kunalkamble is a pure skynet app, meaning that you can use the app entirely from Skynet. It is a directory explorer that allows you to look at all of the files and folders within a single Skylink. For Skylinks that contain media content such as images, InstaSkynet provides a beautiful tiling layout that allows users to easily see and explore all of the content.

Example folder

As the ecosystem grows, we see InstaSkynet and similar tools being used both for content sharing and media folder sharing, but also as critical debugging elements when making advanced applications. For example, the Uniswap frontend that is hosted on Skynet has many component elements, being able to explore those elements in real-time from Skynet can help developers to better understand and debug the application.


dgit is a multi-project tool, built by the Tupelo team. dgit allows projects to host git repos on a decentralized backend, combining Skynet with Tupelo to ensure that developers always have access to their github repos, and to ensure that the files have high uptime. dgit takes an important step in the direction of decentralizing the toolchain and eliminating our dependency on centralized products.

Product Website

dgit built on Tupelo and Skynet

👏 Honorable mentions 👏

Skynet AppStore

Skynet AppStore is a website that tracks Skynet projects and Skynet media. As you create applications and upload content that you want to share, you can post it on the AppStore, where other people can find it.

Skynet Lisky Player

Lisky-player is a multi-project application that combines Skynet and Dat Protocol to store and play audio such as music and podcasts on Skynet.


Now you can play a range of games on Skynet from Doom to tic-tac-toe. Doom20483–1 GameSkyAir.

Note to Developers

We want to thank everyone for being part of our hackathons and building well thought out and useful applications on Skynet. The Sia team will be available to continue supporting your projects and help you to turn them into products. We recommend joining the #app-dev channel on Discord. Brand guidelines for projects built on Sia are available here.

Additionally, we host monthly community calls for our app-devs. As a new Sia app-dev, we welcome you to these calls. Please fill out this form with your preference to join them.

We have just scratched the surface of Skynet’s potential and we cannot emphasize enough how revolutionizing and monumental this technology is! We recommend you try these applications and experience the magic of Skynet yourself.

We have more announcements, releases, feature updates, hackathons, events planned. To stay updated, join us on Discord or follow us on Twitter.