Grow Open Source
Gitcoin is a mission and value-oriented
distributed movement aimed to drive
change and grow open source

We Want

We want to build a world in which everyone has the financial leverage to leave their job.
We want it to be as easy to find work in software, as it is for an Uber driver to find a ride today.
We want to build a network with aligned incentives, especially between capital & labour.

We Believe

We believe in open standards and fat protocols, and have built Gitcoin with StandardBounties -- an Open, Free, Fair, Bounty Protocol on Ethereum.
We believe that an ICO and tokenization is not the best business model for our dapp. We do not have a token
We believe that blockchain is a game-changer for funding of Open Source. We believe that Open Source Funding and Open Source Jobs will be built on Open Source Money

We Value


Intellectual honesty



Stress Reducers


Giving first

We Interact

We happen to the world. We don't let the world happen to us.
We show, don't tell.
We are thoughtful, clear, and direct.
We seek balance.
We challenge the status quo & are willing to be challenged.
We fix things twice.
We identify and validate our assumptions.
We care about people (not just tasks)
We listen.
We value pragmatism over dogmatism.